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Cleaning / Servicing

Perfect Climate Air Con can clean all types of air conditioning units. Our specialist cleaners can clean fans, drains, ducts, split systems and window units to increase efficiency and air flow of your air conditioner.

Air Conditioning filters can hold dead skin, dust, germs and bacteria. The flu virus can hide in there too.
If your family just keeps getting sick, then maybe its time to have your air con serviced by a professional. We use special treatments that kill the flu and cold virus’ and remove all those nasty unwanted particles that can hurt your family.

We offer two different levels of cleaning / servicing air conditioners.

Air Con

Basic Clean / Service

Removal of front cover...

to expose the coil so we can access the indoor unit for cleaning

Removal of louver blades...

this allows us to gain access to the fan barrel for cleaning

Chemical clean of coil...

A cleaning that will make your coil look like new and remove all other unwanted nasties.

Chemical clean of removed items...

Sanitises all parts, allows better function and airflow

Check electrical connections...

Safety check to help prevent future problems

Test unit operations...

After all is back together we check the operation of your unit

Cleaning and area check of outdoor unit

On the outdoor unit we clean the outside of the unit and check that there is nothing blocking air flow

Air Con

Extensive Clean / Service

Basic Clean / Service +

Includes everything from the basic clean / service plus

Removal of fan barrel...

The fan barrel can get clogged up with dust and moisture. It needs a chemical treatment on it to remove all bacteria and dirt

Drain flush

flush and check of the system

Check operating pressures

On the outdoor unit, at the same time as cleaning the unit we check that the operation gas pressures are at the required levels to help prevent compressor problems.


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